Serving the Eastside since 1980


Ken Resnik started Rezscapes in 1980 in his hometown of Bellevue, Wa. Ken's goal is to increase the value, beauty and functionality of your property. Rezscapes remains a small, local company; providing home owners personal, flexible and enviromental friendly yard care.



References available Licensed and Bonded
Member of Washington Association of Landscape Professionals and Seattle Builders 
Benefits of a Healthy Yard

Grass - 
releases oxygen and absorbs dust, pollutants, carbon chloride and sulfur dioxide. Storm water management, absorbs and re-directs flow of water. 
50 x 50 lawn produces oxygen for 4 people.

Trees & Plants - 
clean the air, absorb dust and pollutant gases, produce oxygen, provide shade, prevent soil erosion, block unsightly views, muffle sounds & provide a habitat for animals.

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